Brighton Culture

If you’ve ever been to Brighton, Massachusetts, then you’ll know that the college vibes are real. The atmosphere is rife with young minds and ideas. With this culture comes a bevy of things that are worth exploring. We’ll include some great things to keep an eye out for when you’re in Brighton. Stay Tuned! When you’re done reading, you might just want to contact¬† local to pack your bags and move here!

Sights, Sounds, Smells


One of the great things about college towns is that there are plenty of young musicians trying to make their mark on their scene and area. As a result, many great young bands exist in these towns. The case is no different for Brighton. With a plethora of universities in the area, it’s no wonder that this place is hopping with awesome bands. To sweeten the pot, many of these institutions have some of the best music programs in the country.

There are plenty of great small venues around the area to check out, but make sure you take the time to check out one of the larger venues. Many of these larger rooms are adored and frequented by national acts.

If you don’t want to pay money to go see a show, you’re in luck. There are a few options available. For example, you can check out one of the free events that the universities put on. Many ticketed events are also free for students, so if you find someone who will let you borrow their ID, you might be a happy camper! In addition, there are also tons of exciting house shows that go on in Brighton. You’ll need to have a little bit of intel in order to find them, but they are, as the kids say, lit.


There are also plenty of great cheap eats and drinks to be had in Brighton. This is a treasure trove for great drink specials to accommodate the thirst of college students.